Restaurant – Eco Home Kathmandu

Restaurant – Eco Home Kathmandu

Eco Home Kathmandu restaurant will never bore you with always different and delicious dishes. The attention in choice of genuine and local ingredients will relax you. The accurate service, the elegance of our dining halls will make you feel at ease. The availability of our friendly staff will pamper you. You will always have a wide choice of vegetables on the buffet to be seasoned with oil of our land. You can always choose meat or fish courses or one of ours delicious dishes, a soup or a cold dish. As the last course you can always choose between fresh fruit, a fruit salad, ice cream or a dessert prepared by our pastry chef.

Eco Home Kathmandu is different from other restaurant. You may have a question How ? Please read the points below if you don’t believe do visit the Hotel Eco Home Kathmandu.

1. Serving high quality food

2. The dining experience

3. Perfect atmosphere

4. Restaurant cleanliness

5. Something unique

6. The price factor


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